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The B2B EXPO is the beating heart of the Padel World Summit and occupies the most space. Its 15,000 m² features the presence of 130 brands distributed over more than 100 stands, a speaker corner area, and 5 padel courts. The Expo will be the perfect place to generate synergies and strategic alliances, showcase brands, and drive new projects.

PWS Exhibitors

Among the exhibitors are the leading brands in each of our activity areas, grouped into 13 categories: accessories, footwear, turf, glass, marketing, rackets, balls, facilities, retail, services, technology, textile, and others. In addition to being a showcase of the latest trends and technologies in the world of padel, the B2B Expo also provides unique opportunities for networking, collaboration, and business growth.

Speaker Corner

Located in the Expo area, it has a capacity for 40 seated people. Speaker Corner is a space for interviews with representatives from the padel sector, 20-minute express presentations, and commercial and product workshops. Don’t miss the varied agenda on our App.

Pistas de pádel

A B2B Expo wouldn’t be a B2B Expo without the presence of padel courts on site, and so the organization carried out a rigorous bidding process to award the five padel courts from a large number of entrants. AFP Courts, Padel Galis, Padel Courts Deluxe, Padel Tech Courts, and Pórtico Sport are the companies that will have padel courts on display in this first edition of the PWS B2B Expo.

Event Partners

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