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The International Padel Cluster (IPC) represents a highly relevant entity in the context of the padel industry on an international level.

The Padel World Summit 2024 is organized by the International Padel Cluster (IPC), a global organization that, primarily, brings together manufacturers, producers, and distributors of products for padel. Founded in May 2020 by 50 companies in the padel sector, the IPC is a padel industry specialist body at the international level. With a membership exceeding 132 companies and 165 associated brands – employing over 4,500 people and with a turnover exceeding 2 billion in 2023 – the IPC plays a fundamental role in the promotion, development, and representation of the interests of the padel industry. It is a non-profit association, with values and objectives clearly focussed on the growth and joint success of the padel sector. 

The extensive network of companies associated with the IPC covers all aspects of the padel value chain, from manufacturers and distributors to clubs and technology providers. Currently, the Cluster has 57 companies dedicated to the construction and maintenance of courts, 38 of which are dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of rackets, 20 to the production and distribution of balls, 32 to the manufacture and commercialization of accessories, 12 companies specializing in sports marketing, 25 offering clothing and textile equipment, eight dedicated to retailing products and equipment, 21 offering a diverse range of padel-related services, 15 dedicated to the production and distribution of specialized footwear, and eight companies specializing in event organization and management. 

This diversity of members means the IPC has a unique role in understanding the needs and challenges of the entire industry, as well as a specialism to encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange amongst the industry’s key players.

The objectives of the IPC reflect its commitment to promoting and strengthening padel globally. Acting as a lobby, the IPC is dedicated to representing and defending the interests of its members in the public and private sectors, and aims to create the right environment for sustainable padel growth. 

As well as the representational role it plays, the IPC focuses on promoting the practice and internationalization of
padel, advocating for its inclusion as an Olympic sport, and promoting quality and sustainability certification standards in all areas of the padel sector
. Likewise, the IPC is committed to promoting good practices and the development of the entire industry, facilitating collaboration among its members, and promoting innovation and excellence.

The International Padel Cluster (IPC) has associates in the following sectors: