Sep 06

The period for bidding for the Padel Business Expo courts opens

From May 21 to 23, 2024, the first edition of the Padel Business Expo will be held in pavilion 1 of the FYCMA congress center (Málaga), the exhibition area within the Padel World Summit 2024. The Padel Business Expo has capacity for install 3 padel courts in the center of pavilion 1 of FYCMA, so all court manufacturing companies that are part of the International Paddle Cluster as associates are offered the possibility of submitting to this tender to install one of their courts.

The Scientific Committee of the Padel World Summit has drawn up the bases for the tender for the 3 padel courts that will be in the center of pavilion 1 of FYCMA.

In this tender, objective and subjective criteria will be assessed that will be collected and evaluated by the jury in charge of scoring each proposal presented –from 00:00 on September 11, 2023 to 11:59 on November 30, 2023-, the members of the evaluating jury, will be anonymous until the tender is resolved. This safeguards against possible interference.

Periodo de presentación de los proyectos: de las 00:00h del 11 de septiembre de 2023 a las 23:59h del 30 de noviembre de 2023

The objective criteria -40% total assessment- include those aspects that can be scored based on ratios to assess the past, present and future of the company, while the subjective criteria -60% final assessment- include the project that is presented, assess the effort of the company to carry it out and the impact that said project can offer to the Padel World Summit.

OBJECTIVE CRITERIA: Age of the company, international character, participation in Fairs with portable court, has its own factory, ISO 14001 environmental certificate, ISO 9001 quality, participation in the UNE Standard project for paddle tennis courts promoted by the International Paddle Cluster, have a patent or registered utility model and currently have a portable track with the possibility of installing it in a fairground -among others-.

SUBJECTIVE CRITERIA: The quality and professionalism of the project presented will be mainly valued, along with the innovation aspects of the court presented, collaborations with other companies associated with the CIP, exhibitions on the court during the Padel World Summit, etc.

Finally, the three companies with the highest scores will be the winners of the tender, so they will be able to install a court at the Padel Business Expo. In the event of a tie, the jury will meet to debate and break the tie. The list of winners will be published on December 20, 2023. An email will be sent to all participating companies communicating the result of the tender.

The evaluation committee will issue the name of the three winning track manufacturers, without mentioning the order. The location of each track will be determined by lottery. The order of the winning companies will be announced during the gala dinner and the Padel Awards ceremony.

It should be noted that the Evaluation Committee has already begun to send the form with the requirements to present the project and thus be able to opt for the assembly of one of the three tracks. To date, 14 companies have requested the tender form that will be sent to them before September 10.

If you want to opt for one of the tracks, you still have time. Request the tender form from:

Alex Ponseti, Managing Director of the PWS –
Website –
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