Apr 18

SPORT newspaper joins as a media partner to the Padel World Summit

From the Padel World Summit, we are excited to announce our collaboration with the prestigious SPORT newspaper as the official media partner of the event.

SPORT, known for its passion and commitment to the world of sports, is strongly backing padel and providing valuable support through its communication channels.

As one of the most influential sports newspapers in the country, SPORT has the power to amplify our voices and bring the excitement of padel to a global audience. Their dedication to sports ensures comprehensive and quality coverage.

SPORT not only informs but also celebrates the diversity and excitement that characterize the world of sports, and during the Padel World Summit, it will allow us to share the most inspiring stories and the latest updates of this passionate sport.

Together, we are elevating padel and connecting with a community of enthusiasts who share our passion. See you on the court!